Best Activities in Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands

Referring to the Cameron Highlands
In the 1800s, the English developed a taste for the Cameron Highlands because they could escape the heat there and eventually use it to grow tea. In the highlands nowadays, you can see houses and tea cafes in the English style.

Best Cameron Highlands Attractions

By traveling to the highlands, you may escape Penang’s heat or the crowded streets of Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur. The museums and gardens of Cameron Highlands, in addition to the tea plantations and hiking routes, draw a large number of local and Chinese tourists. These, however, are completely unattractive and all designed for tourists. Take part in the activities below during a day or two spent in the Cameron Highlands.

Participate in the factory tour by strolling along the walking path through the tea hedges. Get a lovely cup of tea at the teahouse that has a view of the plantation, and then you can leave. Beautiful!

The Cameron Highlands can be navigated by making arrangements with your hotel for transportation. The local bus, which departs roughly every hour, or a taxi are your other options. Between the Highlands’ two sides, the bus goes. When traveling to the plantation, which is located near Brinchang, if you’re comfortable riding a scooter, renting one is a wonderful way to see the scenic turns and bends of the roads.

Jim Thompson’s Jungle Trails: A Mysterious Adventure
The Malaysian jungle is untamed and dense and contrasts sharply with the tidy design of the tea plantations. Hiking on one of the numerous jungle trails that emerge from the cities and go into the highlands is a fantastic activity to engage in in the Cameron Highlands.

Among these, The Jim Thompson Mystery Trail is the most well-liked. The 1960s saw the inexplicable disappearance of well-known businessman Jim Thompson as he was out for a stroll in the Cameron Highlands. Many hypotheses exist as to what transpired, but he was never discovered. An excellent chance to learn about the area’s history and explore some of the breathtaking natural beauty is on this route, which is led by knowledgeable experts.

For the mountain routes, you don’t need a guide, but if you want to understand more about the amazing local flora and wildlife, you really must have one.

The history of the Cameron Highlands farms

The Cameron Highlands’ only authentically natural experiences are the tea plantations and jungle paths, contrary to what Salt in our Hair would typically recommend as additional “things to do.” They’re fantastic, too!

Farms of flowers
Farms growing flowers, strawberries, and cacti are all competing for a piece of the booming tourism industry in the Cameron Highlands. The majority of these farms are illegitimately drawing water from the jungle, as has been stated to us and demonstrated to us. As a result of this harm to the jungle, we made the decision to stop promoting these practices and to share this crucial information with you.

Best time to visit Cameron Highlands

In the highlands, the typical temperature ranges from 21 to 25 degrees, and it’s always nice and moderate. In the Cameron Highlands, monsoon season is the ideal time to visit the tea plantations. However, rain is typical throughout the year, and they are at their best from November to February.

February through April is the ideal time to visit the Cameron Highlands.

Directions to the Cameron Highlands

Buses or private cars from Kuala Lumpur are the simplest ways to travel to the Cameron Highlands.

By bus, go to Cameron Highlands
Buses depart from Kuala Lumpur often and travel the distance in under five hours. As you reach the Highlands, be aware that the roads will begin to wind and change, so if you frequently get car sick, be ready.

By car
Driving around Malaysia is a wonderful experience. Hire a vehicle from Sunny Cars in Malaysia. They partner with neighborhood vehicle rental agencies, and the cost includes all insurance. Hire a car right here.

Cameron Highlands Accommodation

Tanah Rata, Brinchang, and Ringlet are the three main settlements that make up the Cameron Highlands. Each of the three offers a selection of affordable to mid-priced accommodations. Choose your destination based on the sights you want to visit the most. Ringlet, for example, is the nearest waterfall to the BOH tea plantation, although the majority of the waterfalls are closer to Tanah Rata.

The Cameron Highlands Resort is a colonial-style home with exquisite decor that reflect the area’s history. The service is excellent, and the staff goes above and above by organizing activities like the ‘Jim Thompson Mystery Trail’ and the ‘Signature Picnic Experience’ at BOH tea farm. It also houses the Jim Thompson Tea Room, which offers the closest thing to a traditional English afternoon tea outside of England!


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